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Providing Probate Representation

Dealing with the estate of a deceased individual can be difficult and time-consuming. The Florida probate process can be overwhelming to navigate on your own, especially if you are charged with executor or administrator duties. If you are seeking assistance in dealing with the probating of a loved one’s estate, turn to our staff at the office of Frank G. Finkbeiner Attorney at Law in Orlando, Florida.

If you need assistance probating an estate, contact our inheritance lawyers for an free consultation. We will guide you through the probate process and help you determine how to best proceed with your administrative duties.

More Than Three Decades Of Legal Experience

There are many different steps in the probate process that must be completed. With years of experience handling cases in the Florida probate courts, we can guide you through all of the aspects of probating an estate, including:

  • Preparing an inventory of estate assets
  • Paying any and all debts held by the estate
  • Filing tax returns on behalf of the estate
  • Paying any taxes that may be owed by the estate
  • Assets are distributed according to the deceased’s wishes in a will or according to state law if no will exists
  • Handling probate property in Florida for out-of-state residents

Frank G. Finkbeiner is an inheritance lawyer who will also keep track of any deadlines and time-constraints that are placed upon the estate to ensure that all paperwork is filed in a timely manner.

Will Contest Representation From A Knowledgeable Inheritance Lawyer

Throughout the probate process, claims to an estate or disputes to the will may arise from individuals who believe they are entitled to assets from the estate. Our firm represents the rights of executors, administrators and named beneficiaries in will contests. We also can handle a will contest from the other side, representing the individuals or group that is seeking a distribution from the estate. This can be a contentious process, especially if family members are pitted against each other.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your probate questions and concerns, contact an inheritance attorney at our firm today. Our offices are open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and evenings and weekends by appointment. We are conveniently located in a comfortable office setting near the courthouse in Orlando. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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