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If a decedent owned real estate in his or her name alone at the time of death, probate will be required in each state where he or she owned property. The probate of property in a state other than the state where the decedent lived is called an ancillary probate.

You will need a probate attorney to assist you if you are involved in the probate of an estate outside of Florida. At the law offices of Frank G. Finkbeiner Attorney at Law, we represent lawyers, executors, heirs and beneficiaries from other states who need ancillary administration of a property in Florida. For more than 40 years, Frank G. Finkbeiner has helped individuals and families get through the Florida probate process.

When An Out-Of-State Resident Owns Florida Property

Probate should begin in the domiciliary state: the state where the decedent lived. If the decedent owned property in Florida, you will want to contact a lawyer in Florida to handle the probate of this property. We will initiate proceedings to probate property in Florida for out-of-state probate proceedings on your behalf.

The specific steps necessary to complete ancillary administration depend on the details of the property in Florida. The value of the property is largely what determines the process. If the property is worth $50,000 or less, it may not be necessary to execute formal probate proceedings.

Because ancillary administration can be confusing, it is best to discuss your case with an attorney. We can answer your questions and advise you on next steps.

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