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Part of the probate process is the distribution of assets to beneficiaries and/or heirs. In some cases, this is a straightforward process that is dictated by the decedent’s will. In others, however, you need a probate lawyer to help you divide and distribute the assets correctly.

At the law offices of Frank G. Finkbeiner Attorney at Law, we represent executors, administrators and personal representatives of estates in Florida, out of state and in other countries. Our Orlando asset distribution attorney also represents family members of people who died without a will or estate plan.

Testate And Intestate Estates

During probate, the estate’s assets are gathered, the debts are paid and the assets are divided. When there is a will, the assets are divided and distributed to beneficiaries according to the will. Unless the assets are complex or there are concerns about the validity of the will, this is typically a fairly straightforward process.

If the decedent died intestate (did not have a will), the assets are divided and distributed according to Florida law. In these cases, you may need a lawyer to help you value and distribute the assets. We will ensure that you comply with Florida law during this process. We can also help you resolve any disputes that arise between family members or other possible heirs.

For estates with assets of $75,000 or less, formal administration may not be necessary. If the family agrees on the asset distribution, we can petition for summary administration. This option is faster and less expensive than formal administration. Please speak with our attorney to learn whether summary administration is possible in your case.

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